Buckby Wharf photo taken by Gerald Groom, held in author’s collection

This one place study is to research the people and events that shaped the small settlement of Long Buckby Wharf. The parish town of Long Buckby is well researched and has a very long history going back to the Domesday Book  but the Wharf is a bit more of a mystery.  Its first appearance in the newspapers was in 1797 when William Castell advertised his coals, cokes, and Welsh slates business trading from the Wharf amongst other places.1 The settlement appeared with the canal but there may have been dwellings present before then – something I hope to find out.

*Updated to add that I have found an earlier mention: The Northampton Mercury of 24 January 1795 carried an advert for the auction of the Waggon and Horses public house….

“The above Premises are particularly desirable, as it is the only Public House leading from Buckby to the Grand Junction Canal Wharf at Surney-Bridge; and by the Time the Wharf is complete, it will improve to nearly three Times it’s present Rent.” 2

So it seems that Long Buckby Wharf was previously known as the Wharf at Surney and came into being during the late 1790s – and that Surney Farm/Lodge/Burge is far more closely linked than I had realised. (The Waggon and Horses wasn’t quite as desirable as hoped by the auctioneer – there is no further mention of it in the newspapers.) *

I’m researching the people, buildings, employment, and social history to create the story of Long Buckby Wharf – and to find out more about my ancestors, which is how this project started. I am a direct descendant of the Groom, Thompson, and Russell families, and through them indirectly related to an astonishing amount of other Wharf families.

My study focuses on the triangle between what is now known as the A5, Three Bridges Road, and the Grand Union Canal, and just sneaking up to the railway line. Although Surney Lodge falls outside of these boundaries, it will be included because the Lodge included a considerable amount of land in the area. Norton Locks will also be included even though it was historically in Norton parish – it is now known as Buckby Top Lock and seems to have been known as both over the years.

This is an ongoing project and there will be amendments and updates as I find new information, feel free to get in touch with any comments or questions. They will be gratefully received, please contact me through this website or via my Twitter account @Julie_Gfamily

  1. Northampton Mercury 1797 Saturday  9 September Vol. LXXVII No.28 p3
  2. Northampton Mercury 1795 Saturday 24 January Vol. LXXV No.46 p3

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